by jessica jones



I had a conversation with a female friend last week that was pretty much the same conversation I've had with every one of my girlfriends since I was twelve.  The details of last week's pow-wow aside, what we spoke about boiled down to that same question we've been asking each other for years, "What did he mean by that?"  All these decades later and we still don't really have a clue. Well, we have a clue.  We just don't have a solid answer.

Which presents us with the question, "Do we really need an answer?"  Is truly knowing what men are thinking, feeling and saying what all of our man-analysis is about? Are we more invested in dealing with the men in our lives, (and the men we'd like to have in our lives, not to mention the guys who were once in our lives but are now banned, or conversely, banned us) OR, talking to our girlfriends about the weirdness that went down the next day?   I think it would be nice to know what the hell men are talking about without having to use an Enigma machine.  But I wouldn't want to figure out their code at the expense of the fabulously insane conversations I have or hear every day as the women in my life try to make sense of their relationships.

In honor of my female friendships, and the unsung comic genius of so many women I've known, this blog is dedicated to recording our Manalysis. Some of it will horrify, some of it will delight, but I'm pretty sure all of it will be pretty familiar. And a comforting reassurance, dear reader, that you're not the only one searching the bottom of your cereal box for that elusive decoder ring.