Massively entertaining...the writing - expressive, ribald, honest — keeps the hard-core cautionary tale lively, diverting and fresh.
— Elle Magazine
Twisting the self-help format into deadpan comedy, she guides wily readers through the paces and pratfalls of serious mischief.
— New York Times
[Jones keeps the reader engaged]...thanks to her ability to write clearly about muddy issues and her wicked sense of humor.
— Portland Book Review
[T]here is no arguing the fact that Jones is a very very good writer. She could probably spin a list of ingredients into a good read
[Jones’ is a]...raw, human lesson about vulnerability and growth.
— Publishers Weekly
Jones writes freshly and perceptively about love, lust and sex. She is starkly (and wittily) honest about her own faults while being generous toward the deeply flawed men in her life....a guilty pleasure
— Kirkus Reviews