Jessica Dorfman Jones has been a lawyer, a literary agent, a book packager, a publicist, an editor and a ghostwriter.  She's also an eavesdropper, buttinsky and sly cocktail party guest.  Jessica's voracious appetite for knowledge about the world around her, the people she meets, why they do what they do and why she does the crazy stuff she does has finally gelled into a custom-made occupation.  Jones is a Sociologist of Popular Culture, Pop-Sociologist, or more simply put, observant writer who frequently puts her own life on the page to get a larger conversation going.

Jessica Jones' inquiring mind has prompted her to write articles and books which have been published as well as optioned for film and television.  Jessica's provocative sensibilities have also inspired other  people to write about her, sometimes very nicely and sometimes not.  But, as Oscar Wilde would have it, at least they're talking.


1)  While an agent, she found the manuscript for LEGALLY BLONDE in the slush pile, developed it, and sold it to United Artists. Jessica is still waiting for Reese Witherspoon to take her to lunch.

 2)  During her stint as a book packager, Jessica created and wrote THE ART OF CHEATING: A NASTY LITTLE BOOK FOR TRICKY LITTLE SCHEMERS AND THEIR HAPLESS VICTIMS. That book landed her on GeraldoInside Edition , and most notably CNN.  Jessica may be the first person to have used the word "bonehead" on air with Wolf Blitzer. Or maybe not.

3)  Jessica wroteKLONOPIN LUNCH, a steamy, funny, passionate and occasionally downright alarming recounting of a particularly transformative part of her life. To her infinite relief, despite threats on various blogs, no one brought a gun to her readings.

4)  A die hard New Yorker, Jessica does not have a driver's license 

5)  Jessica's little dog has become an Instagram sensation #OscarJones