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A massively entertaining memoir... the writing—expressive, ribald, honest—keeps this hard-core cautionary tale lively, diverting, and fresh.
ELLE Magazine

A funny, sexy memoir of a good girl gone momentarily very bad. Jones is a talented writer. The chapter explaining the book’s title is a masterpiece of comic writing, and Jones writes freshly and perceptively about love, lust and sex. Despite ample evidence of her real-life ability to lie, in her book, at least, she is starkly (and wittily) honest about her own faults while being generous toward the deeply flawed men in her life....Some readers will find Jones’ sins unappealing, but many will be eager to see what other books come out of her—a guilty pleasure.
Kirkus Reviews

By her late twenties, Jessica Dorfman Jones had dutifully achieved everything she thought she was supposed to: marriage, law degree, high-paying job, nice apartment in Greenwich Village. But she was miserable, feeling like she was living a life that wasn't hers. Desperate to change her status quo and figure out who she really was, Jessica went about the business of making a change by demolishing the life she knew. She threw her good girl image aside and set out to unleash the very bad girl she had never before tried to be.

Embracing the deliciously debauched world of sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll, Jessica leaves her sweet and well-behaved husband behind for the ultimate bad-boy guitar player, starts her own band, and parties harder than she had ever thought possible.

And then, in the midst of her self created chaos, the wildest thing of all happens. She figures out who she is, who she most definitely is not, and what might, if she's lucky, come next. Klonopin Lunch is Jessica’s wickedly funny and uncensored journey down the rabbit hole and back out again, into a life, at last, that makes her truly happy.